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This is a list of all the things we (and everyone we asked) would love to have in our Library of Things!

If you have any of these items lying around in the back of a storage cupboard not being used and gathering dust.. maybe you would consider donating them to Borrow Don’t Buy? We’ll be forever grateful – and so will our Borrowers! If there is anything that you would like to borrow and we do not yet have, please send us an email or click on our suggestion box and we will add it to our wishlist!



If you want to support us or anyone who cannot borrow stuff  (you legend), you can use our good-old Paypal donation form! We have a “Borrow-it-Forward” scheme to support groups/families that come to us to borrow things but cannot afford to do it.

We are a registered CIC, our social aim is our top priority, every penny brings us closer to achieving our goal and helps grow our inventory. Our Company name is Borrow Don’t Buy CIC and our Company Number: 11897730. Thank you!



Sometimes, we acquire items that are either no good for the Library, are extra and not needed, or are second-hand items that would useful for someone to own.

We used Ebay to sell some of these items, which helps us get more items for the library , or goes towards parts for refurbishing devices as part of our Get Everyone Online project. Ideally we like to sell locally , it saves postage and packaging costs for us and our buyers, and is more environmentally friendly by reducing the items travel. If you might be interested in buying items we have available click HERE to check out our Ebay shop!



If you are anything like us, having regular clear outs of unused items is something we know we should do, but rarely get around to it! If you are one of those superhumans that does, then read on!

If you don’t have any suitable items for the Library to donate but still want to get involved, we might be able to take certain items to sell, which in turn funds our projects and help us stock more items to borrow! Unfortunately we have to be little picky about what we take to sell, so please give us an email at to find out if the item is suitable! Thank you!



Our all time favourite thing that gets the Elves super excited is when you share your borrowing stories.

We love getting tagged in, or sent, pictures and videos of the weird and wonderful ways in which our items have helped you do the things you need! Make sure to tell us about your projects or adventures and tag us @borrowdontbuy.

Follow us on our socials below to see what others have been getting up to, inspire, and get inspired!



As we all know, customer experience is what really sells a service these days and that’s how it should be!

The more people we can get borrowing the more more money is saved,  the less carbon is produced and the better we can be for our Borrowers! Everyone wins!

If you have borrowed with us before we would really appreciate if you could leave us a Google review so that other people can discover the beauty of borrowing and get access to the things they need too!


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