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This is a list of all the things we (and everyone we asked around) would love to have in our Library of Things!

If you have any of this items sitting in the back of a storage room or laying around not being used as much as they deserve.. maybe you want to consider donating them to Borrow Don’t Buy? We’ll be forever grateful – and so every member of BDB! If there is anything that you would like to borrow and we do not have (yet), please send us an email and we will add it to our wishlist.



If you want to support us or anyone who cannot borrow stuff  (you legend), you can use our good-old Paypal donation form! We have a “Borrow-it-Forward” scheme to support groups/families that come to us to borrow things but cannot afford to do it.

We are a registered CIC, our social aim is our top priority, every penny brings us closer to achieve our goal and helps grow our shared inventory. Our Company name is Borrow Don’t Buy CIC and our Company Number: 11897730. Thank you!


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