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Past opportunities:

– Team Coordinator HQ – Deadline 7th of February – Full-time Job

We are looking for a bright star to join our team and help make the magic happen. This full-time role coordinator will see you take an overview of the business plans as well as being a real team player and mucking in with the everyday. If you think you might be the right person then take a look at the Job description and get in touch today… you’ve only got until the 7th February to apply!

Current opportunities:

– Advisory Board Member – Voluntary basis

Would you like to play an active part in combating the climate crisis? Do you have an interest in preventing waste, creating equality, building community and making Plymouth a nicer, greener place to live? Do you have passion or experience that you would like to share?


We are looking for people to create an advisory board. People who want to help make Borrow Don’t Buy the BEST that it can be. As a superhero team worthy of a Marvel franchise you will meet quarterly to feed in to plans for what we could be doing, how we can make those things happen and what might be coming over the horizon. Get in touch for a chat and find out more.

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