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So you are interested in joining Borrow Don’t Buy? YOU ARE A-W-E-S-O-M-E!

Have a look at our two different memberships. You can join for as little as £0 or be one of our Full Borrowers.

If you have any questions, drop us an e-mail here and we’ll talk you through the process!

With any type of Membership you’ll get…

— The knowledge that we are making Plymouth more AWESOME and increasing the size of our sharing-learning community!

Do I have to pay to borrow items? How much do they cost?
Well, if you sign up as a free member you will have to pay a PAYG fee per item. It’s close to nothing, but unfortunately there is a price to borrow the items..we promise to always keep it as low as possible! The price range of borrowing items goes from 0.50p to £30 for a 7 days period. You can check every items’ price on our inventory!

If you signed up as a Full Member, then the answer is ‘No’ (Hooray!) You can borrow anything you want from our inventory as many times as you want! There is a limit of 10 items at a time and for a maximum of 14 days. Late fees still apply if items are not return on time. This is mainly to keep items rotating as much as possible and so every member can enjoy a populated inventory.

When do I have to return my items?

Casual members can borrow items for up to 7 days  and Full members for 14 days. You will recieve an automatic loan email reminder from our awesome platform 2 days before your loan is due.

Unfortunately we do have late fees in place. We do not like them, so please, don’t be late returning your items 🙂

Are there any extra fees?

We have 2 different extra fees:

Late fees: £2 per item per day (even if we are not open).

Cleaning fees: £5 per item. If an item is returned in worse conditions than when it was checked out, we will have to charge a cleaning fee.

Borrow Don’t Buy is based purely on trust. We do not currently take deposits and we keep our prices as low as possible. Many Libraries of Things do charge a deposit. We trust you will return the item at the end of your loan and that it is going to be in the same (or better) conditions than when you got it.

We don’t want to be draconian about it but we also want our members and volunteers to have a hassle-free experience. If you have any unexpected problem (that’s life, right) just drop us a message and we’ll find a way to work it out.

How can I pay for the items I want to borrow?
Well, it’s super easy, you can just pay by card! The only small issue that we have, is that we currently use Stripe to process our card payments and the minimum payment that they accept is £0.50. If you are borrowing an item that is less than £0.50 you’ll have to pay for it in cash (yes! good time to get rid of those coins) when you come to pick it up.
What do we do with your details?

Absolutely nothing! They are stored in a secure GDPR-compliant site and your details are not sold, distributed or passed on to any other entity. We will analyse anonymized data to make sure we are providing you with the best borrowing experience possible, that’s all.

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