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We are a community resource and we aim to support not only individuals but also organisations who support individuals. 
Borrow Don’t Buy loans tools and stuff to its members to help them save money, reduce clutter and reduce their carbon footprint. It is our mission to help everyone have the stuff they want without it costing the earth.


The Organisational Membership allows organisations to borrow from us and help us strengthen our community. We want to work together with your organisation to make Plymouth a city we are all proud of.


Who can become an Organisational Member?

Are you a neighbourhood association, non-profit organisation, community group, school, educational institution, or place of worship? Are you doing good in Plymouth?  If you answered YES! to these questions then we would love to have you as a Organisational Member.

Organisational memberships are not designed for informal group houses or friends working together.  We recommend separate individual memberships for these situations.

Why should I become an Organisational Member?

An Organisational membership allows any authorised member of the organisation to borrow and use tools from Borrow Don’t Buy. This means you will be able to reduce your costs for projects by borrowing tools and items other than having to buy them. Our extensive inventory may even inspire you to do new things you haven’t planned or budgeted for. As an Organisational Member you will be able to borrow up to 10 items at a time (instead of 4), and for up to two weeks*. Another benefit of our Organisational Membership is that you will receive one monthly invoice rather than having to pay for items individually and each time you borrow them.


*The prices on our website are per week. You will be able to pre-book an item for two weeks, but it will be charged accordingly.


How to become a member?

Simply  fill in the online application on this page and create an account on our platform (link here). You will have to log into your Organisational Member’s account and sign all of the Agreements related to Organisations (2 extra Agreements). BDB’s staff will then review your application and (hopefully) approve your membership.

How does an Organisational Member borrow items?

To book items you just need to log into your organisational account on our platform and reserve what you need (Here’s a video on how to do it) You will have to add in the Notes/Comments sections a brief description on what you are borrowing the items for, a short list of who might use them and Full Name of the person collecting the items. The person collecting the items will have to bring their ID. Regular tool policy rules apply to loans to Organisational Members.

How much does it cost?

Organisational members pay an annual fee based on their annual budget

£0 – £5,000 turnover: free

£5,001-£10,000 turnover: £10

£10,001  – 50,000 turnover: £20

£50,001 – £100,000 turnover: £100

£100,001 – £200,000 turnover and above: £200

Public schools £24

Universities and Public Authorities: £48


Your annual fee will be added to your first loan. You do not need to pay it until you start borrowing items.

Our Terms and Conditions

Have a look at our T&C’s and the Liability Waiver.. boring, we know, soz.

Sign me up!

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Step 2
Create an account here and sign the extra agreements. Once we have activated your membership you will be able to borrow and enjoy the benefits of your Organisational Membership!



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