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Forest in Mikkeli

 Picture by Tina Martinovic

Ecologi are Climate Positive

Ecologi is an organisation that help plant trees and supports climate positive projects on your behalf which in turn helps your business become ‘Climate Positive.’

What does that mean?

Climate positive means that you are saving more carbon emissions than you are producing. Ecologi does this by directing money to carbon positive projects across the globe.

Why Plant Trees?

Trees provide a natural carbon sink

carbon sequestration

A carbon sink is a long term storage for carbon. Trees are made up of 50% carbon and therefore are an excellent source for carbon storage. The carbon is captured from the atmosphere and accumulated as biomass within trees; the more carbon that is in trees, the more is out of the atmosphere. Simple!

Other reasons:

Not only do trees act as a carbon sink, they also serve other purposes in the environment. Some of these are:

  • Improving biodiversity by providing shelter, shade and a habitat for different species.
  • Strengthening local economies: fruits bearing trees provide a source of income
  • Stabilising soils
  • Natural buffer: for natural disasters such as floods
  • Food and medicine
  • Recreation: hiking, biking, photography, bird watching, being in nature

Smart planting

Ecologi plant trees that are most suitable

What factors go into picking the right trees to plant?

  • Trees suitable to the climate and conditions of the area it is planted in
  • Trees that support local biodiversity (see our Pollenize blog)
  • Trees that support the community they are in
  • Threats in the area: manmade and natural

Other Carbon Offset methods that Ecologi include:

Reforestation, renewables, efficient cooking stoves, renewable energy, peatland restoration.

Why Pick Ecologi?

We support Ecologi because of the following reasons:

  • 85% of costs go into the projects and the rest into running and marketing costs
  • They only fund projects with the highest verification standards
  • Workers are paid fairly and cared for
  • Offsets are accurately measured
  • Smart planting (mentioned above)

Borrow Don’t Buy’s Ecologi Forest

How have Borrow Don’t Buy contributed to Ecologi’s efforts?

Through a monthly subscription which covers our staff and volunteers and carbon footprints whilst at BDB, and additional funds from our Crowdfunder supporters we have managed to contribute to:

  • Approximately 46.5 tonnes of carbon offset
  • 1028 trees (and counting) planted

What does this mean in real impact?






Check out BDB’s Ecologi Forest HERE to see more!

Other projects BDB’s contributions have gone towards and their carbon offset value:

  • Converting waste rice husks in to 20MW of power      1.17
  • Sidrap Wind Farm, Indonesia 1.17
  • Wind Energy in Edirne, Turkey                  1.89
  • Improved stoves in Eritrea      0.44
  • Bio-digesters for rural Vietnamese farmers    0.47
  • Santa Marta landfill gas capture in Chile                  1.86
  • Wind farm project, Turkey      1.93
  • Protecting the Amazon from deforestation in Brazil              0.4
  • Delivering clean drinking water to Haiti                  0.74
  • Forest plantation on degraded grassland in Uruguay                3.92
  • Solar power in Maharashtra, India                  1.98

Learn more about Ecologi and how you can get involved here: Tree Planting and Carbon Offsetting | Ecologi

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