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At Borrow Don’t Buy, we love to support companies who do good in our local community. For example, the CIC (community interest company) Pollenize in Plymouth aims to reduce pollinator decline and improve biodiversity.


Why is biodiversity important?


Biodiversity helps adapt to climate change by:

  • Increasing the resistance of ecosystems to changes in temperature and water supply
  • Increasing the ability of flora to sequester carbon
  • Strengthening ecosystem services such as food, water, flood regulation, soil erosion and more


More about Pollenize and how you can get involved




Pollenize is a local beekeeping group that uses the power of science and community to combat pollinator decline. Pollinators play a pivotal role in maintaining a healthy ecosystem and are also essential in the provision of food for wildlife and humans, but their numbers are in huge decline! Planting native wildflowers is a simple yet effective way to boost local biodiversity, providing safe habitats for insects and promoting healthy food webs.

Pollenize have developed science-backed rewilding seed packets to support all pollinators. Their seeds benefit the greatest number of pollinator species (Bees, Butterflies & Hoverflies) over the longest flowering period to ensure there is plenty of pollen and nectar available.



Once the wildflower seeds have been planted, you can upload your sowing location to an interactive map on the Pollenize website, contributing to vital research and fighting pollinator/insect decline.

Watch this video to see how you can become a citizen scientist:


Isn’t it pretty?

UK Wildflower species

Photo by Cam James on Unsplash



Along with helping the environment, wildflowers are made up of a range of beautiful species that can brighten up the area you plant them in. The location you plant in will come alive with colour and attract a buzz of different insects and animals.

Not to mention, green tasks, such as planting, are also good for your mental health and getting you connected with nature! There’s just something about being in nature that can be so therapeutic, and there have been many studies of the calming effects of engaging with different sights, smells, and sounds. So why not give it a try? Check out the page below to find out more and get involved. We beLEAF in you!

Sowing Advice & Citizen Science Seeds — Pollenize CIC | Rewilding Citizen Science Seeds | Community Beekeeping | Pollinator Conservation


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