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What is the sharing economy?


Sharing Economy


The sharing economy is an economic system where resources are shared and includes sharing space, skills, and stuff.

The sharing economy promotes sharing values and skills, along with resources between and within communities. This could lead to different items and products being used to their full potential; instead of being used a handful of times for one individual, it is used many times by many individuals.


So why have a sharing economy?


It provides a sense of community


After all, sharing is in our nature, and a study in the UK has shown that 8/10 people say that sharing makes them happier.


Temporary access


There are some things that you might not need all of the time. So it doesn’t make sense to own them.


For the environment


By sharing resources, it puts less pressure on our planet by creating less need to produce new things.


Here are some examples of companies that are part of the sharing economy



Liftshare is a platform that allows you to share your car with others which helps to cut CO emissions by reducing the number of vehicles on the road.

And guess what? Liftshare also operates in Plymouth. Maybe you could save some money on your commute, find out more here.


Olio and Too Good To Go

Olio and Too Good To Go connect neighbours and businesses to prevent food waste. They rescue items that would have otherwise been thrown away by making them available through their apps for people to save! And guess what? They are both available in Plymouth! So get on the app and start saving food.


Ever thought you had too many clothes in your wardrobe?

Getting on By Rotation means that you can wear the clothes you love, without the burden of them taking up space in your wardrobe! Not to mention, the fashion industry is responsible for about 10% of the world carbon emissions, so we think it’s about time for this to change.

And want something for special occasions? Try HURR. They have designer clothing made affordable for those once in a lifetime occasions. They also have an environmental savings calculator, so you can track all those CO emissions you are saving!


Bike-sharing companies

There are many bike-sharing companies exist. They prevent the need to have your own bike as you can rent a series of bikes dotted around town and drop them off at your destination for your convenience. Unfortunately, this doesn’t yet exist for Plymouth but hopefully will be something we have in the future, and is something to look out for when you go travelling.


And did you guess it yet?


Borrow Don’t Buy are also a part of the sharing economy!

So be a part of the sharing economy by borrowing an item today. Or donate something to us that you think could be shared with the community. Every borrow and donation is a step towards a better planet.

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